Working Out & Becoming Balanced

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In finding balance sometimes we have to challenge what we think we understand. Myths can go a long way towards leading us off the path of understanding. One of the things we strive for at every BeBalanced center is helping clients to understand that not all things we have learned stay truths at every juncture in journey.

How many times have you heard that the key to healthy, sustainable weight loss is a simple equation of consuming fewer calories than you burn? While that certainly holds true in some cases, is it always all of the truth? No.

When other factors like, hormone imbalances, enter the picture that equation doesn’t work quite the same way. You know this is true if you’re one of those women who, in your twenties or even early thirties, could simply cut back on carbs, hit the gym a few extra hours a week and the pounds would come right off, but now they stick around like cement! What was once 100% true, simply isn’t anymore. That’s not to say that parts of the equation aren’t still true, it’s just that other things need to be weighed as well. Understanding why​ the ​equation changed on you, and how to find balance again, is what we hope to help do. When someone has trouble understanding ​why ​we ask for reduced exercise during the active weight loss portion of our ​BeBalanced​ program we want to help them evolve in their understanding. The first thing we want them to know is that we are not anti-exercise. ​We need to engage in somewhat structured activity daily to combat the mostly sedentary modern lifestyle. ​Exercise is key to not only keeping weight off but in maintaining brain, heart, bone, emotional, and overall health.

So, why do we ask you to take it easy with the workouts while you focus on hormone balance and active weight loss?
Heavy exercise requires extra energy​ from our muscles called muscle sugar or glycogen​. During the 28 days of active weight loss in our program, we are fueling your body with a healthy balance of whole foods and nutrients it needs. What we aren’t doing is​ feeding your muscle glycogen ​(sugar) ​ that it needs for more demanding exercise, such as intense weight training. If you aren’t giving your body that necessary reserve​ sugar​ and calories it needs to maintain an intense exercise routine, you could enter starvation mode. This is neither safe nor health. It also impedes success on our program. In starvation mode your body resorts ​to using muscle for fuel as opposed your stored body fat as fuel. ​Without enough nutritional support your body tends to metabolize muscles in an attempt to get the fuel it needs. ​This is simply unhealthy, not to mention that over time, for some, it can actually cause weight gain. We strive for balance in all things and work with a team of experts to ensure everything we do is in healthy balance for our bodies.

This is why we encourage exercise that is less demanding of calories/muscle sugars and activities that are more relaxing and supportive of your health while you are in ​the active weight loss stage of our program​. Once you’ve exited that phase of our program it is time to ramp things up again!

Building lean muscle mass helps burn fat and sustain your weight loss. Adding resistance training will benefit your heart as well as your muscle, while adding shape and firmness. Any activity that raises heart rate aids mood, brain health, and more. We emphasize resistance training because it has the added benefit of keeping your body strong and flexible as you age. Working out, and ensuring you’ve added some sort of resistance, a minimum of thirty minutes, three times a week, is key to keeping your body fit and healthy as you age.

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