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Thousands of women walk through the doors of BeBalanced centers across the country every year. Many of them hear about our program through friends, from family members, their doctors or even local television personalities. Each of them comes with a unique story that the Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist they meet with is eager to hear. They also come with questions. So many questions.

When the first BeBalanced center opened, I was the Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist. In those early days, it was me that had the privilege of hearing the stories and answering the questions. While I am proud that in over twenty centers nationwide, so many people are finding balance, I miss being there for each new story.

Since science has yet to find a way for me to have a cup of tea with every client in every center, I thought I’d invite you to break out your favorite cup, brew something you love and ask me your questions. I’ll do my best to answer them each month. If I can’t be there with you I can at least be here for you.

Email your questions to and we might just pick yours for next month’s feature!

“Why is relaxation such a key part of the BeBalanced program?” Casey R. in Maryland

That’s a great question, Casey, especially when thinking about how hard relaxation seems to be for women. Let’s face it, most women will give you a list of 217 things they have to get done before they would ever even think about making time to relax.

Think back to your first visit to a BeBalanced center where your Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist helped you understand what we call the Cortisol-Progesterone Steal. Your body can steal progesterone and convert it into cortisol due to high stress and that is where relaxation comes in.

Daily relaxation therapy lowers cortisol and preserves your precious progesterone. It serves to compensate for all the overstimulation of our senses that comes along with life these days.

“I know BeBalanced is a program that uses homeopathic supplementation, but how is that better than taking something prescribed, for weight loss?” Donna in Texas

There are probably a lot of women thinking that, Donna, thanks for the question.Drugs, herbs, food and supplements work on the biology and chemistry (biochemistry) of the body therefore limited in their effect. The amazing thing about homeopathic medicine is that it works with the physics of the body, an area not widely explored by many in the medical community outside of integrative medicine.

Our homeopathic blend (Metabolic Correction Blend) supports areas of the body that involved with hormones and weight loss such as, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. It also supports the adrenal and the thyroid glands. Giving support to the physics of your body rather than altering its chemistry, is a safe and more natural approach than a prescription.

“My Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist tells me that getting good sleep will have an impact on my weight loss and ability to maintain that loss. Why is this true?” Shelly in Pennsylvania

How do you feel the morning after you’ve had a poor night’s sleep? Most of us will be a bit irritable, feel slow or in a fog. Well, it isn’t just your brain that is feeling groggy, your metabolism can be groggy too.

Not getting enough quality sleep has an impact on the function of your insulin. When this key hormone isn’t working at peak levels your body can actually become insulin resistant. One of the roles of properly functioning insulin to aid in the removal of fatty acids from the bloodstream. It also helps prevent storage of those fats. A body that has become insulin resistant will signal a need for extra insulin production which can lead to the storage of fat, often in the places you would rather not see it like, your hips and middle.

Healthy sleep habits go hand-in-hand with becoming balanced, losing weight, and getting that sparkle back! Here is a great resource from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (

“I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I’m looking forward to graduating to the final phase of Becoming Balanced. What is your favorite Phase IV dessert?” Kim in Indiana

Well I love creamy things more than salty crunchy or even chocolate, so I’m always looking for something like ice cream. For a while I used Arctic Zero, which is a higher protein frozen dessert very low in calories. It is a bit icy and not as creamy so now I switched over to Halo which is truly a dairy dessert but whipped up and very light in calories. I actually liked the chocolate the best because it reminds me of soft serve chocolate ice cream to get on the boardwalk.

I love ice cream so much that sometimes I’ll even make my own! Grab some full-fat yogurt (watch out for hidden sugars), add some vanilla Stevia and whip it together. Freeze it for a few hours before eating. It tastes so good that may or may not have smuggled some into a movie theater for a treat.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for the launch of this new series. One of the things I’m most proud of at BeBalanced is that we truly are a community. Keep asking, keep sharing and keep sparkling. We’re with you every step of the journey!

~ Dawn M. Cutillo
Founder of BeBalanced, Author of The Hormone Shift