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Dawn Cutillo

Welcome back to our semi-regular series featuring questions from you for our founder, Dawn Cutillo. In this edition Dawn is answering questions about gluten, the importance of self-care and sharing tips that might help you identify whether you may be estrogen dominant.

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“I love bread! But it certainly doesn’t love me back. Why do I feel bloated and sluggish after I’ve had bagel or a bit of baguette?” Heidi in New York

I can’t say for sure because I don’t know your specific issues, but this might be a sensitivity to the gluten in many bread products. Gluten is a specific type of protein found in products made from wheat, barley, and rye. Some of us experience a sensitivity to this protein that can cause us to feel overly tired or sluggish. While others might have stomach aches, feel bloated, or even experience some muscle cramps.

Researchers are still conducting studies into the causes and symptoms of gluten sensitivity, which is not the same as Celiac disease. Celiac* is a serious illness that causes damage to the small intestine. While we wait for more insight from the medical community, it may be a good idea to take a break from bread for a while and see how you feel.

“My Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist tells me that relaxation is a key part of balancing out my hormones. Does it really make that big of a difference?” Regina in Minnesota

The short answer is, yes. If we work to balance our insulin through good food choices and our estrogen through supplementation with homeopathic progesterone, then the next factor is reducing our cortisol.

Relaxation through the practice of certain types of meditation and sound-wave therapy, can help bring our cortisol levels down. Adding things like essential oils and aromatherapy can further aide us in this area. Combining these practices with balancing out insulin and estrogen completes the equation that unlocks hormone balance.

“BeBalanced introduced me to the practice of Dry-Brushing and I love it so much I want to incorporate other types of self-care into my wellness routine. What are some of your favorite things for self-care?” Rebecca in Pennsylvania

When I want to really relax, especially on a cooler night, I like to take a hot bath with a few cups of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Since magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, Epsom salt baths are an easy way to enjoy the associated health and tension relieving benefits. Many of us tend to be low on magnesium due to stress and sugar consumption. Among other things, magnesium is known to reduce inflammation and help muscle and nerve function. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins, and help ease migraine headaches. After the bath, I heat up some sesame seed oil by putting the bottle in hot water for a few minutes and then apply it to my entire body. I wrap up this stress relieving routine by putting on some comfortable pajamas. Not only do you wake up with skin that is moisturized and smooth, but the sesame oil seeps into the body and can get into the bloodstream and help clean the liver helping to detoxify the body.

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~ Dawn M. Cutillo
Founder of BeBalanced, Author of The Hormone Shift

* If you’re concerned as to whether you may suffer from an illness, please contact your physician. Our blog is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.